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Taylor;s room was really fancy more fancy than my house she led me to come sit with her , we chatted

we drank we must have downed a whole bottle of wine between us i could see she was getting tired or

drunk one of the two i excused myself and asked if she wanted me to leave because she looked tired

she lightly grazed the side of my head saying she dosent mind i just lost my train of thought staring

at her luscious red lips so red and full and puffy so kissable i was broken out of my gaze when she

was waving her hands in front of me “maybe your a little tipsy” she giggled i just said to her she

really has beautiful lips its alot more beautiful in person than on tv and album covers , i thought

to myself way to go man way to sound like an obsessed fan Taylor just giggled and asked the

last question in the world id expected to hear from her “want to know what they taste like?”

i just had to double check that she was asking what i think she was asking Taylor giggled

and pressed her lips towards me i met her kiss and felt her lovely luscious lips touch mine

i could feel her lips suck my lower lip Taylor looked at me with a very animal like look asking

me how it felt i was speechless i i just didint know how to react i literally got kissed by taylor

swift “your amazing” is the only words i could think of ” well its the least i can do for saving

my life” Taylor replied followed by another giggle Taylor went in for a second kiss catching

me of guard this time the kiss went slightly longer her kiss became much more repetitive and

this time instead of just sucking my lower lip i could feel her teeth slightly graze it Taylor

broke of the kiss and looked at me again with those eyes licking her lips staring at me her

thighs clenched together and her arms tensed up you could see her chest pushing back and

forth with each breath she took i didint know whether she was filled with anger or lust her eyes

her eyes were drawn to the rising erection between my legs i knew i was getting hard like who

wouldn't if they were making out with one of the worlds most beautiful pop stars on the planet ,

Taylor got up and headed to the door i got up and followed her freaking out that i disgusted

her and made myself look like just another horny fanboy , she played with the locks on her

door but instead of unlocking them she made sure every lock was locked Taylor then

approached me taking me by the hand leading me back to the bedroom and sittin me down

“ill be right back” she announced then heading to the connected ensuite i sat waiting curious

to what she was doing in their The Desert Island Story.
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Milfporn ClubSweethearts – Blonde teen Sabrina gets fucked (8 min)

i was getting close to blowing my load when she stood up and turned around, When we arrived, I had to admire her condo….

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I am instantly hard but remain limp for him to use, Click here. I didn't enjoy the taste or the experience, this wasn't part of the deal but I was no longer in charge

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